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Belly Bars, Belly Rings and Navel Jewellery - Body Jewellery for Belly Button Piercings

Browse our online store for navel belly bars, belly rings and belly button piercing jewellery. Simple click on the product images below to explore the body jewellery in each section. We have a large range of body piercing jewellery for your navel in different sizes, styles and jewels colours. JoBananas has many unique styles of belly bars available to buy online with fast delivery.

Titanium and Bioplast belly bars and belly rings. Silver ended jewel set dangling belly bars and reverse dangle belly rings.

New Belly Bar Designs
Non Piercing Belly Rings
Pregnancy PTFE
Unusual Belly Bars
Crystal Belly Bars
Elegance Belly Bars
Basic 316 Steel Navels
Titanium Belly Bars
Bioplast Belly Bars
Twisters / Spirals
Gripper Rings
PVD Belly Bars
Belly Rings
Gold Plated Belly Bars
Cheap Belly Bars

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