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1.2mm BioFlex Nose Piercing Retainer - Hider Stud - (16g)

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Product Code: BIOFNOSE1.2

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1.2mm (16g) Curved Bioflex Nose Stud
Made from pure clear BioFlex
The perfect solution for hiding your nose piercing
1.5mm head
Available in clear
Suitable for initial and healed piercings

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This Bioflex nose retainer is 1.2mm (16 gauge) so a slightly thicker gauge or thickness than standard nose piercings which are usually 0.8mm (16 gauge) or 1mm (18 gauge). It is made out of clear Bioflex so is fixed in shape but is slightly flexinble so comfortable to wear in nose piercings.
A great option for keeping your nose piercing but hiding it for work, school or college and of course job interviews. Because there is no metal what so ever in these retainers they are also suitable for wearing whilst undergoing medical procedures like x rays, ct scans or mri scans.
We do also sell nose retainers in the other gauges if this one is too thick for your piercing.

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