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Titanium Micro Labrets - Ultra Fine 1mm Labret Studs

Titanium Micro Labrets - Ultra Fine 1mm Labret Studs
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Now available in 13 Titanium colours are these ultra fine 1.0mm - 18 gauge labret studs.



Now available are our 1mm - 18 guage ultra fine Titanium labret studs in a range of exciting Titanium colours.

Offered in lengths of 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm and 10mm with a plain ball and a 5mm bottom disc.

These are ideal for use in both facial and certain ear piercings where a micro 1mm piercing is required.

These Titanium monroe, labret studs are suitable for initial and healed piercings.

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I bought a 14mm one with cones for my bridge piercing and it looks wicked! Nicely made too very smooth and the cones screw on easily, you can tell they are of a high quality. I always use a pair of thin rubber gloves when unscrewing and screwing my balls or cones on, easier to open them and it makes sure that they are screwed on nice and tight to stop them coming undone :) x
Helen Green
Dec 1, 2013

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