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Titanium Micro Labrets - Ultra Fine 1mm Labret Studs

Titanium Micro Labrets - Ultra Fine 1mm Labret Studs
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Now available in 13 Titanium colours are these ultra fine 1.0mm - 18 gauge labret studs.



Now available are our 1mm - 18 guage ultra fine Titanium labret studs in a range of exciting Titanium colours.

Offered in lengths of 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm and 10mm with a plain ball and a 5mm bottom disc.

These are ideal for use in both facial and certain ear piercings where a micro 1mm piercing is required.

These Titanium monroe, labret studs are suitable for initial and healed piercings.

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I originally got my navel/belly button pierced with this exact BCR! But the first time I changed it I lost the ball! So I noticed that they were only £1.50 and bought it =D This a great versatile piece of jewellery and goes with everything you wear =D It's also handy if you have a lot of different piercings (like I do lol) because you can wear it in most piercings!
Joanne MacLeod
Jul 3, 2013

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