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Navel / Belly Piercing

Category: Belly / Navel Piercing
Posted: 21-11-2013 12:17

Navel piercings are more commonly known as belly button piercings, they are becoming very popular with females and also increasing in popularity with men.



The navel itself isn't actually pierced but the skin around it is, usually the skin at the top of the belly button, but sometimes bellow or at the sides.  In fact it is quite common now to have multiple navel piercings which you can buy multi belly bars for.


Healing Time

Navel piercings usually take at least 5 months to fully heal, sometimes taking up to a year.


Types of Jewellery

Curved barbells, or bananabells as they are sometimes referred to are usually worn in navel piercings, or sometimes ball closure rings (BCR's).  Both are available in lots of different colours, either plain or jewelled some with dangling designs, it is very important that you wear the correct size that fits well and is comfortable.

Spirals and Gripper Rings can also be worn in navel piercings (although are less popular), they are both very useful if your piercing is slightly off centre or "wonky".

Belly bars are available in lots of different materials, including 316l Surgical Steel, Grade 23 Titanium, Black PVD, Gold Plate or Bioplast, there is lots more information about the different jewellery materials available here.  We really recomend that high quality Titanium is worn in a new piercing because it is light weight and Nickel free so less likely to cause any irritation.  Titanium is also available in lots of different colours including Silver (highly polished), bronze, brown, ice blue, blue, pink, purple, yelow, peach, pink, 2 tone purple blue, teal, rainbow and even candy stripe!

Reverse or Top Drop Belly bars are also very popular with our customers, we have a few different designs available in our Elegance range and also our Unusual Belly Bars, they look very effective when worn as the bottom ball of the belly bar is unscrewed and inserted down into the top of the piercing so that the top adornment dangles over the belly button creating a truly elegant look.


Belly Jewellery Sizes

Navel bars or rings should have a minimum thickness of 1.6mm (14 gauge) ideally and this is the standard size.  Very rarely people are pierced with 1.2mm bars although this is not common practise. People are usually pierced with a 12mm length bar or ring (again this can be longer or shorter depending on the person or the individual).  This allows for initial swelling which usually goes down after 2-6 weeks, at this point there may be a small amount of bar showing at the top of the piercing and it may be a good time to consider downsizing your jewellery slightly.  Usually navel piercings tend to stabalise at 10mm (3/8") which is why we call it a "standard size", although this is not always the case, some stay larger and others can migrate (the body forcing the bar out) and become smaller.

Please have a look at our helpful measuring guide that explains how the jewellery is measured.

It is very important that you wear navel jewellery that fits well, too tight and it may pinch the skin and cause irritation and maybe even infection, too loose and it may catch on clothing.


Looking after Navel Piercings

It is best to avoid wearing tight fitting clothes around the waistline whilst your piercing is healing, particularly belts.  It is important to keep your new piercing clean, always wash your hands before cleaning your piercing with saline solution, salt water or an aftercare product.  Try not to fiddle with the piercing as this will irritate it and may slow down the healing time and could lead to bacterial infections.


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