Gold & Rose Gold Titanium Body Jewellery

JoBananas are pleased to announce that we now offer Gold and Rose Gold anodised Titanium in our entire range of Titanium body jewellery.

With the addition of these 2 extra colours we are are now able to produce anodised Titanium in house in 19 exciting colours. Certain colours such as Oil Slick and Candy Striped Titanium are only available in larger gauges and certain pieces as there is a need to mark the item of jewellery with plating tape when the second and third colours are applied.

Please find below our new Titanium Colour Chart.

JoBananas Titanium Colour Chart

Titanium Colour Chart from JoBananas Limited

These new colours are available in nose studs, barbells, curved bars, labret studs and large gauge body jewellery items as well as many other categories. One of the main selections of jewellery to benefit from the new anodised Titanium jewellery colours is the ever popular Internal Threaded Body Jewellery section. We have some unique pieces of internally threaded jewellery in both 16 gauge (1.2mm) and 14 gauge (1.6mm).