Interchangeable Titanium Ball Closure Rings

These Medical Grade Titanium Ball Closure Rings have a 4mm clip in disc with a hole to accept internally threaded attachments so that you can change the look without removing the ring from your piercing and without even removing the disc from the ring.  The rings and discs are both made out of 6Al-4VEli ASTM:F-136 Titanium and are suitable for initial and healed piercings.

They are 1.2mm (16 gauge) in thickness and available with internal diameter measurements of 7mm, 8mm, 9mm and 10mm so can be worn in different ear piercings or because the discs are flat backed they can also be worn in web piercings, otherwise known as smiley or scrumper piercings.

The hole will accept attachments with a 0.9mm stem for 1.2mm jewellery – on our website they have a code beginning with JBP-QMDD codes, they simply screw in and out of the disc.

We anodise all Titanium jewellery in house so you can select to have any of these designs in any of the 15 Titanium colour ways that we offer including Highly Polished (silver), Bronze, Brown, Blue, Ice Blue, Yellow, Gold, Rose Gold, Peach, Pink, Purple, 2 Tone Purple Blue, Teal, Green or even Rainbow.

Opal flower titanium ball closure ring Interchangeable Titanium ball closure ring Interchangeable disc for titanium ball closure rings

The discs have a dimple each side so that the ring clips in place – Titanium ball closure rings can be a bit fiddly to fit until you get the hang of them so it is best to practise a couple of times before fitting them into your piercing.  The best way is to line up one side of the disc with the ring so that the ring sits in the dimple and then apply gentle pressure to clip the other side of the ring into the disc.  To remove it you just push gently on the disc while holding the ring and it will pop out.  You can also use Ring opening pliers.

Jewelled flower Titanium Ball closure ring Titanium ball closure ring with trinity gemClaw set gem for internally threaded titanium piercing jewellery