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Body Jewellery Prices Reduced

Body Jewellery Prices Reduced
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Body Jewellery Prices have been cut across many of our best selling Steel and Titanium range at JoBananas

In most cases between 25-30%.


We have reduced many of the Body Jewellery prices in our online shop including Plain and Jewelled Steel and Titanium Barbells and Labret Studs.

Don't forget:

  • All of the Body Piercing Jewellery that we sell is kept in stock and is ready to ship.
  • All Titanium colouring and Gold plating are done in house to reduce delays and increase choice.
  • We photograph the products we sell showing what the actual jewellery looks like.
  • If you are unable to find what you are looking for please feel free free to give us a call.
  • Shipping on orders over £10 is FREE!


First of all, really quick delivery! I cannot recommend Bioplast highly enough. I got an 8mm CBB for my septum piercing because it was quite angry and I heard that Bioplast was good for healing piercings quickly. When it arrived, I put it in straight away and a couple of days later my piercing was completely pain-free! Another thing as well, if you experience a lot of crusting around your piercing making it difficult to move the bar around, you won't get this with Bioplast. I still get the crust in my piercing, but the bar never sticks and I can always move it around freely. Get this ring, seriously, it's amazing!
Sep 23, 2014

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