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Build Your Own 1.6mm (14G) Labret Stud

Build Your Own 1.6mm (14G) Labret Stud

Build Your Own 1.6mm (14G) Labret Stud

Build a 1.6mm (14G) Monroe Labret Stud as unique as you are.

Use our simple configurator to choose your options.

Any material, size, colour or attachment.

Click on the CONFIGURE button below to begin building.


Product Code BYO-14G-LABRET


I got my rook pierced about 6 months ago. You wear eyebrow bars in rook piercings and I really wanted a Bioplast one! I couldn't find one anywhere though. One night my friend texted me to tell me she'd found one and ordered it for me (she's too nice =D) in pink Bioplast with pink balls - my favourite colours! When it arrived I took out my rook bar (this was my first time changing it) and I quickly (I get very paranoid about my piercing closing up quickly) put this bar in. I took like 5 minutes to screw the balls on but thats because its a rook piercing and you have to squeeze 2 fingers into a tiny little hole in your ear lol. When I was ready I was very happy! It looks amazing and I love it! I defintely plan on ordering an other one or two in different colours! An other great buy from Jo Banana's =D
Joanne MacLeod
Jul 3, 2013

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