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Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing

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Individual information about ear piercings and suitable jewellery. There are many positions for a piercing on the ear and gone are the days when you just had a single earlobe piercing for a stud or hoop earing.

Today the choice of ear piercings and ear jewellery are many. We will try to cover information about the following piercings.

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Ear Piercing Entries

Tragus Ear Piercing
Tragus Ear Piercing
Category: Ear Piercing
Posted: 28-06-2012 12:27

Tragus Piercing is a hole made in the cartrlidge that sticks out at the front of the ear canal. There are a variety of jewellery types that can be used in this ear piercing. Including BCR rings, CBB, labret studs and specialist tragus studs.


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