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Fake Stretching Plugs - Retro Pencils

Fake Stretching Plugs - Retro Pencils
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Get an 8mm stretch look from a 1.2mm ear piercing.


We have been selling Pencil Plugs for a while now for standard stretched ear lobes and are pleased to announce that they they are now available for people with standard ear piercings. These acrylic retro design pencil plugs look really funky and will get you noticed.

These will give you an 8mm (0g) stretched look but use a 1.2mm (16g) piercing.

Overall length is 30mm and the gap between each end is 6mm (1/4"). The bar is made from Surgical Steel.

Available in the following colours:
Fake Ear Pencil Plug - Red
Fake Ear Pencil Plug - Pink
Fake Ear Pencil Plug - Green
Fake Ear Pencil Plug - Blue

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Well worth the money. I was hesitant about getting these as sometimes they don't live up to the standard you expect. I ordered them on Wednesday and had them by Thursday and I was amazed how great they look. The attention to detail on the skulls is great. I will certainly enjoy showing them off. I just need to decide what one I am going to use first.
Mar 14, 2014

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