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Fake Tapers & Plugs

If you already have an existing earlobe piercing then why not try something from this range of fake tapers and plugs.

They look like standard ear stretching tapers and plugs but use a 1.2mm (16 gauge) ear piercing. Fool your friends into thinking you have stretched your earlobes with with these range of faux stretching jewellery.

Fake Ear Stretching Tapers
Fake Ear Stretching Claws
Fake Ear Stretching Flesh Plugs



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Good quality and nice looking but unfortunally it did´nt fit my belly button. My belly button is not very deep and there´s very little skin to snap the piercung around. The result is that the piercing stands out far too long outside the belly button and looks weird.
Oct 19, 2015

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