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Fake Tapers & Plugs

If you already have an existing earlobe piercing then why not try something from this range of fake tapers and plugs.

They look like standard ear stretching tapers and plugs but use a 1.2mm (16 gauge) ear piercing. Fool your friends into thinking you have stretched your earlobes with with these range of faux stretching jewellery.

Fake Ear Stretching Tapers
Fake Ear Stretching Claws
Fake Ear Stretching Flesh Plugs



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My best friend got me this labret stud for my monroe piercing. She got me the 'AB Crystal' colour (thats my favourite colour for jewellery as I love how it sparkles!) and I love it! It's really comfy and versatile! The ball is the perfect size too. On some studs the balls look huge and tacky , but this one is a nice size! Defintely recommend to anyone =D
Joanne MacLeod
Jul 3, 2013

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