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Gold Plated Large Gauge Curved Barbell

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Posted: 30-05-2014 10:20

These Gold Plated PA Bars are available exclusively at JoBananas.  Available in gauges 2mm (12g) to 8mm (0g) with large balls.


Large Gauge Curved Bars made from 316L Surgical Steel and Gold Plated with 24K Gold in the UK.

Gold Plated Prince Albert Barbell

These barbells are most commonly worn in Prince Albert piercings and are available in 14mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm and 25mm lengths with the following gauges:

  • 2mm (12g) -1.2mm thread - 8mm Balls
  • 2.4mm (10g) -1.2mm thread - 8mm Balls
  • 3mm (8g) -2mm thread - 8mm Balls
  • 4mm (6g) -2mm thread - 8mm Balls5mm (4g) -2mm thread - 10mm Balls
  • 6mm (2g) -2mm thread - 11mm Balls
  • 8mm (0g) -2mm thread - 12mm Balls

If you are unsure what size you need please have a look at our Body Jewellery Measuring Guide

Prince Albert piercings are usually pierced at 2.4mm (10 gauge) or 3mm (8 gauge), the most common length is usually 19mm but this varies and depends on the piercing placement and individual anatomy.  This piercing is one of the more common male genital piercings, it is a ring style piercing that runs from the outside of the frenulum and into the urethra where the glans meets the shaft of the penis.

PA Piercings are usually stretched to larger gauges to at least 3mm (8g) or 4mm (6g) and it is not uncommon for them to be stretched to 8mm (og) are more.

Most people find PA piercings heal quite quickly and the PA Bars are usually comfortable to wear and do not need to be removed at all.

These Gold PA Bars are available exclusively from JoBananas Body Jewellery in the UK, we ship worldwide.

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