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Hider plug for stretched ear lobe

Hider plug for stretched ear lobe
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Stretched ear lobes can be disguised with these fantastic silicone hider plugs available in 2.4mm (10g) through to 24mm (1")


With ear stretching becomming more and more mainstream we often get asked by people (including worried parents and schools) how they can best hide a stretched ear piercing.

These flesh tone hider plugs are a great way to disguise a stretched ear lobe. They are available in the following sizes:

  • 2.4mm (10 guage)
  • 3.2mm (8 guage)
  • 4mm (5 guage)
  • 6mm (2 guage)
  • 8mm (0 guage)
  • 10mm (00 guage)
  • 13mm (1/2 inch)
  • 14mm (9/16 inch)
  • 16mm (5/8 inch)
  • 18mm (3/4 inch)
  • 22mm (7/8 inch)
  • 24mm (1 inch)

hider plug for stretched ear lobe being worn

As you can see from the photograph the ear retainer is a very effective way of hiding a stretched ear lobe and much nicer than just removing the jewellery and leaving a saggy hole (which may also begin to close up).

silicone flsh tone hider plug

The plugs are made of silicone so they are soft and squidgy making them very comfortable to wear and to insert. The front is solid and the back is hollow, so you can even "pierce" the plug with a standard earring and wear normal pierced earrings if you wish.

To see more information about the plugs click here to go to our FAQ page.

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Nice rings. I bought four of the the 5mm by 12mm and the quality looks good. There is a slight variance in ring diameter of about 0.5mm between the largest and smallest which is only noticeable when looking at them on the bench. Thickness wise they were spot on. For fitting you need a good stout pair of circlip pliers and they are tough cookies but on the upside the dimples in the 8mm balls are quite large and easy to locate. I'd buy more if needed. As usual delivery very fast and great comms.
Gordon Henderson
Aug 14, 2014

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