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Large Gauge Body Jewellery

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Posted: 22-05-2015 10:33

Stretched your piercing and not sure what to wear in it?  Have a look at our blog for some great ideas, we have lots of Large Gauge Piercing Jewellery available in Steel, Gold Plate, Titanium and Black PVD.


Body Modifications including Piercing and Tattoos are becoming more mainstream with 14% of the American Population having a piercing other than a standard lobe piercing and 1 in 5 British having a tattoo.  Did you know that David Cameron's wife has an ankle tattoo?  It is interesting the things that you find out when you write these blogs!

Stretching piercings such as Ear, Tongue, Nipple and Male Piercings is now popular too, if you have stretched or are thinking of stretching your piercing we have some fantastic Large Gauge Jewelry that you should consider.

I am not going to discuss plugs, tunnels and tapers for ear stretching in this blog, that is a whole other blog in its own right, but we do have lots of choice available which you can see here, and if you need any help or advice please do get in touch with us and we will help if we can.

Steel large gauge jewellery is very popular because it is cheaper than Titanium but it is also heavier which is something that you should consider, especially when the gauge (thickness) of the jewellery increases, our largest ball closure ring 10mm x 22mm weighs in at a whopping 62 grams! To give you some idea a 8mm x 22mm Steel BCR weighs 38 grams compared to its Titanium equivalent which is only 20 grams, almost half the weight.  Obviously depending on the piercing and the placement some people do like the weight of Steel Jewelry.

Titanium is also available in lots of different colours, Highly Polished (silver), bronze, brown, blue, ice blue, yellow, peach, pink, purple, 2 tone, teal, green and even rainbow!

Titanium large gauge colours

Other options to consider are of course Gold Plate, Black PVD and even Acrylic.

So what to wear?

Well in Ear, Tongue and Nipple Piercings that have been stretched, straight Barbells are very popular, available in both Steel and Gold Plate and with a huge choice of different sizes from 2mm (8g) to 8mm (0g).

Steel Large Gauge BarbellGold Plated large gauge barbell

Curved Large Gauge Barbells can be worn in different piercings including male piercings such as Prince Albert, in fact they are sometimes referred to as PA bars or Prince Albert Barbells.  Again they are available in Steel and Gold Plate and also Titanium in a choice of 13 colours.

Steel pa barGold pa barTitanium pa bar

Large Gauge Circular Barbells or Horseshoes as they are sometimes referred to are popular because both balls screw off making them a bit easier and less fiddly to fit than large gauge rings such as captive bead rings and segment rings.  They are also available in Steel, Gold Plate, Titanium, Black PVD and Acrylic in a huge range of gauges and diameters.

Steel Large Gauge CBBgold large gauge circular barbellTitanium large gauge cbbBlack PVD heavy gaugeacrylic large gauge horseshoe

Large Gauge Ball Closure Rings (BCR or Captive Bead Rings CBR as they are sometimes called) are very popular, the ball is usually held in by pressure though so they can be hard to open and the larger gauges in particular need some specialist pliers in order for them to be fitted, we recomend that this is done at a piercing studio ideally.  There are some easy fit options now available with spring loaded balls or screw on balls meaning that they can be fit in the comfort of your own home.

steel large gauge bcrgold large gauge cbrTitanium large gauge captive bead ringBlack PVD BCR

Easy fit ball options:

easy fit large gauge bcrgold easy fit bcrspring loaded large gauge bcr

And finally Large Gauge Segment Rings available in Steel, Gold Plate and Acrylic.

Large Gauge Steel Segment RingTitanium Large Gauge Segment RingBlack acrylic large gauge segment ring

I hope that this blog post has been useful.  We are always available to help if we can so please do ask any questions via our online Chat or email or call us during office hours, our contact details are here.

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