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Nipple Shields

Ornate and Decorative Nipple Jewellery

A stunning collection of jewelled nipple shields. This range of body jewellery for nipple piercings is available in a choice of colours and barbell lengths. Fixed and dangling nipple shield designs.


  • Tattoo Gun Nipple Clicker

    Tattoo Gun Nipple Clicker

    This nipple clicker features a Tattoo gun design so is bang on trend! It has a hinged bar so it can easily be fitted into the piercing and it looks nice and neat because there is no need for any balls to hold it in place. The bar is made out of 316L Surgical Steel and it is 1.6mm (14 gauge) thick by 14mm (9/16") internal diameter.
    Limited stock on this unusual design so they wont hang around!
  • Turquoise Design Tribal Nipple Shield

    Turquoise Design Tribal Nipple Shield

    1.6mm (14g) 316L Surgical Steel Barbell
    Internal measurement is 16mm (5/8")
    Antique Turquoise Design Tribal Pattern
    Ball size - 5mm
    Suitable for healed piercings only

    A great looking nipple stirrup design piece that features a 5mm Turquoise stone set in an antique looking tribal pattern shield. The bar could easily be swapped for a Titanium or Bioplast shaft to change the look.
  • Twisty Nipple Clicker

    Twisty Nipple Clicker

    This is an unusual nipple clicker which features a spiraling piece if metal that gives a twisted look, it looks stunning in a nipple piercing and is held in place by a snap one side and a hinge the other (similar to septum clickers). The bar is made out of 316L Surgical Steel and it is 1.6mm (14 Gauge) thick and 12mm (1/2") internal diameter.
    This body jewellery design is definately set to turn heads!
  • Water Melon Nipple Shield

    Water Melon Nipple Shield

    1.6mm (14g) Stainless Steel Barbell
    Inside diameter - 13mm
    Outside diameter - 30mm
    Ball size - 5mm
    Suitable for healed piercings only

    Coloured enamel water melon design nipple shield with a steel barbell. This fruit inspired nipple jewellery has an internal diameter of 13mm and an external of 30mm. The 28mm barbell is held in place by eyelet retainers fixed to the body of the main piece. This is a very colourful piece of nipple jewellery and would be an ideal treat for your next holiday. If you would like to make it stand out even more why not purchase a Titanium or Gold Plated barbell that can easily be changed over from the standard supplied barbell.