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No Pull Piercing Discs

No Pull Piercing Discs
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No Pull Piercing Discs are now available to buy in the UK from JoBananas Body Jewellery.


JoBananas are now UK stockists of No Pull Piercing Discs.

These tiny 7mm discs are made from Medical Grade Silicone, providing a nice soft cushion to protect piercings from the back of barbells or labret studs.  The discs were designed for oral piercings and wearers of labret studs, they will fit 1mm (18 gauge), 1.2mm (16 gauge), 1.6mm (14 gauge) and 2mm (12 gauge) body jewellery.

The No Pull Piercing Discs are a fantastic idea and prevent the jewellery backs from irritating the piercing and also stop the jewellery becoming embedded in the piercing.

No Pull Piercing Discs

NoPull Piercing Discs are made from flexible silicone and can be autoclaved which means that they can be used by piercing studios in new piercings which will aid with the healing process and reduce irritation.

No Pull Piercing Labret Piercing

A piercing study is currently being carried out by Pain Magazine upon reports of the NoPull Discs having such a positive effect of scar reduction when worn, against hypertrophic scarring in healed piercings.  We will keep you updated on the progress of the study.

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No Pull Piercing Disc
No Pull Piercing Disc


very pleased with the delivery time, 3 days after ordering the BCR's i was inserting the first one in my reverse prince albert. The RPA had been pierced at 2.4 mm and am now stretching to (hopefully) 16 or 18 mm in st/steel, The 3 BCR's just purchased are 3.2,4.00 &5.00mm all 22mm diameter. A bit of a tight fit as the piercing is down the euretha and up through the shaft, just missing the glans! The look is fantastic, a 7 inch erection without even touching!!! Looking foreward to the next stretch in about 6 weeks. I have had jewelery from jobananas in the past and neverhad a problem. I would recomend to anyone, quality is very good. Happy piercings, ian.
ian jones
Aug 30, 2013

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