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PTFE Belly Bar with Titanium Jewelled Spikey Spaceship Ball

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Product Code: JB-BB-TSPS

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Flexible PTFE Barbell with Titanium Spikey Spaceship Gem Ball
PTFE Barbell with solid Titanium ends
Gauge: 1.6mm (14 Gauge)
Length: PTFE is cut to size so you can choose from 6mm through to 30mm
Ball Colours: Choose from 15 Different Titanium Colours
Suitable for use during Pregnancy

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This is an unusual Flexible PTFE Belly Bar with Grade 5 Titanium ends, the Bottom ball is an 8mm Clear Jewelled Ball with 5 little Spikes attached and the top ball is a standard 5mm Titanium Ball.  The ends are available in any of the Titanium colours that we offer - Highly polished (silver), Bronze, Brown, Blue, Ice Blue, Yellow, Peach, Pink, Purple, 2 Tone Purple Blue, 2 Tone Purple Green (Teal), Green, Gold, Rose Gold or Rainbow.
Because the PTFE barbell is available in longer lengths we can offer this belly bar in any length so it can be worn as a Pregnancy Belly Bar if a longer length is chosen and then it can be cut to the correct length and worn as a standard belly bar once the baby is born.
PTFE can be cut to length with scissors or a sharp knife and the Metal Ball will then cut a thread back into the bar.

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