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Rockabilly Style Body Jewellery

Rockabilly Style Body Jewellery
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With the 40's and 50's revival well underway we have got some fantastically kitsch Rockabilly Body Jewellery in stock.


Rockabilly is actually a music genre, which dates back to the 1950s, it is a form of Rock and Roll, it combines Hillbilly music with Bluegrass and Boogie Woogie. Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly all had Rockabilly hits in 1956, but by 1960 this style of music was no longer as popular in the US although it continued to be popular through to the mid 60's in the UK.

There was a revival in the 70s and 80s with bands such as the Stray Cats at the forefront and Shakin' Stevens had hits with This ole House and Green Door. In the 2000's Rockabillies tend to not follow the crowd, they like to stand out with their big hair, tattoo inspired prints, polka dots, and kitsch clothing, so why not accessorise your body piercings?

Polka Dot Tragus Barbell

We have got some fantastic Rockabilly themed body jewellery with a current twist featuring polka dot bows, swallow birds and tattoo themed designs including scaffold bars, ear piercing designs (for tragus, upper ear, or lower ear piercings), belly bars, and lots more. Have a look at the product links down the side to get some ideas for your 50s themed jewellery.

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Industrial Barbell with Red Polka Dot Bow for Scaffold Ear Piercing
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Swallow Bird Nipple Ring
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A little disappointed the these don't come in longer lengths as I have tried both the 20mm and the 22mm especially at the higher gauges (6 to 2) both are quite uncomfortable when I get an erection. Interestingly a circular barbell with a diameter of 19mm is comfortable as there is more room. It is also unfortunate that the curved barbells are do not come in thicker gauges as this would have been ideal and I have been so happy with other products from your company in the past.
Dean Gray
Feb 25, 2014

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