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Septum Jewellery

Septum Jewellery
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We have a whole section on our website for Septum Jewellery now including Septum Clickers and Hinged Segment Rings as well as Retainers and Circular Barbells.

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Septum Piercings are becomming increasingly popular with celebs such as Lady Gaga and Jessica Biel getting pierced, whilst Katy Perry and Rihanna sported Fake Septum Rings.

Lady Gaga Septum PiercingJessica Biel Seprum PiercingKaty Perry Fake Septum RingRihanna Fake Septum Ring

Septum piercings are quite versatile in that you can go small and dainty with a tiny circular barbell (horseshoe ring) or a Plain Segment Ring that gives the impression of an infinity ring, or you can go large and bold with our more intricate Gold Plated designs or chunkier Septum Clickers.  You can also easily hide this piercing when needed with a retainer making it pretty much invisible.  Unlike a tattoo piercings like this are not permanent and can be removed easily should the wearer have a change of heart.

There are also Fake Septum Rings available that are great for a night out or special occasion if you don't fancy having a real piercing or of course you can use these to see how a real piercing may look and feel (to a certain extent).

Septum piercings are about as painful as a regular nose piercing and may well bring tears to the eyes, they usually heal within about 6-8 weeks and the jewellery should not be changed until the piercing is fully healed.  When the piercing is healing it is best to leave it alone as much as possible and only touch it with clean hands and when you need to.  Some people flip the jewellery up into the nose to hide the piercing, if you do this you much take care not to cause any damage or irritation to the piercing.  It is better to move the jewellery when the skin is soft and pliable for example after a warm shower.  To keep the piercing clean you can use antibacterial soap 2-3 times a day until the piercing is healed.

We have added lots of different Septum Rings including Septum Clickers that have a hinged section that opens and then a straight bar which is inserted into the piercing, the ring part is then pushed up and the jewellery clicks in place.  We also have Hinged Segment rings which are sometimes called Infinity Rings because they appear to have no end, they are a complete circle.  Retainers are available in Steel, Titanium or Glass to hide the piercing for work, interviews, or as necessary. 

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I love these nose studs! I only have one but defintely plan on getting more. My favourite thing about them is that you can choose the colours of titanium and jewels. A personalised nose stud =D The shape is great as it is bent. I have tried other types of nose studs but they just fall out all the time. But this one stays in all the time! It is a good size - not too big , not too small! I recommend this nose stud to anyone! It's great =D
Joanne MacLeod
Jul 3, 2013

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