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Titanium Labret Studs with Crystal Disco Balls

Titanium Labret Studs with Crystal Disco Balls
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1.2mm Titanium Labret studs with Resin Coated Sparkly Disco balls, these are very popular for ear piercings or lip piercings.


This combination of top quality 6AL-4V eli (Grade 23) Titanium Labret stud with a resin coated glitter ball has been so popular with our customers using our build your own labret feature that we have decided to add it as a product in its own right.Titanium Labret with sparkly ball

The photograph shows a Rainbow Titanium Labret with a Crystal AB ball, but you can choose from 12 colours of Titanium - Highly Polished, Ice Blue, Blue, Bronze, Brown, Yellow,  Peach, Pink, Purple, 2 Tone Purple Blue, Teal, or Rainbow!  The balls are available in either 3mm or 4mm and are available with 12 different colour chioces - Clear, Crystal AB, Red, Pink, Sapphire, Aqua, Peridot, Blue Zircon, Amethyst, Emerald, Fuchsia or Multicoloured.

The studs are 1.2mm (16g) and are most commonly worn in ear piercings, lip piercings or as monroe studs, they look amazing on and because they are Titanium they are light weight and comfortable to wear.

We love them, we hope you do too!

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A little disappointed the these don't come in longer lengths as I have tried both the 20mm and the 22mm especially at the higher gauges (6 to 2) both are quite uncomfortable when I get an erection. Interestingly a circular barbell with a diameter of 19mm is comfortable as there is more room. It is also unfortunate that the curved barbells are do not come in thicker gauges as this would have been ideal and I have been so happy with other products from your company in the past.
Dean Gray
Feb 25, 2014

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