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Tragus Ear Piercing

Category: Ear Piercing
Posted: 28-06-2012 12:27

Tragus Piercing is a hole made in the cartrlidge that sticks out at the front of the ear canal. There are a variety of jewellery types that can be used in this ear piercing. Including BCR rings, CBB, labret studs and specialist tragus studs.


Tragus Piercings

This is a very common piercing these days and is performed in the small area of cartlidge that sticks out at the front of the opening to the ear canal. The standard size gauge for this piercing is 1.2mm (16 gauge). Sizes and lengths can depend upon jewellery choice but Horseshoe rings (CBB) and rings (BCR) or Segments are typically 8mm or 10mm diameters. Labret studs are typically 6mm or 8mm in length. We recommend the use of either Bioplast or Bioflex labret studs to aid in the healing process if you are experiencing problems.

Due to its popularity there are a large number of suitable jewellery types that can be worn in this piercing.

All of these are available in Steel, Gold Plated Steel, Titanium or Bioflex/Bioplast and have a range of decorative attachments and balls to create your own unique look.

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