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New Body Jewellery

We are always adding new body jewellery to the JoBananas store. Here you will find our latest body piercing products for all possible places on the body you may have pierced.

We have new designs of Belly bars, tongue rings, tragus studs, ear stretching jewellery, nose rings and studs available on Surgical Steel, Titanium, Bioplast and BioFlex.

Tongue Bars - Studs

Tongue Piercing Jewellery - Tongue Bars & Tongue Studs

A vast range of jewellery for tongue piercings. Here you can find plain and jewelled barbells in steel and titanium as well as flat tongue studs, retainers and tongue bar addons to improve the look of your tongue stud. We have tongue bars made from steel, Titanium, Bioplast and Bioflex.
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