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1mm (18g) Parts

Spare screw on balls and parts for body piercing jewellery that uses a 1mm (18 gauge) thread. Spare parts and balls for micro body piercing jewellery.


  • Titanium Screw On Plain Ball - 1mm (18g)

    Titanium Screw On Plain Ball - 1mm (18g)

    1mm (18g) Grade 23 Titanium (6AL-4V ELi)
    Polished or anodised finish
    Plain ball
    Ball size - 3mm or 4mm
    Initial and healed piercings

    We are always being asked for spare balls for 1mm externally threaded jewellery, so here they are!
    It can be so frustrating when you lose a ball from your Barbell or labret and we have had them for a while for 1.2mm or 1.6mm jewellery, now they are available for 1mm jewellery too.
    We have a choice of 3mm or 4mm balls and they are available in all of the Titanium colourways.


I purchase all of my body jewellery from Jo Bananas, but this piece is by far my favourite! I chose to go with the gold plated, crystal AB combination and it is beautiful. The quality is high, and it surprisingly doesn't feel as heavy as some of the other septum clickers I've bought before. I use a circular barbell to release the clicker, as sometimes it's a bit tricky to take out with just your fingers. Overall it's a wonderful piece of jewellery that you will get complimented on, and the fact that there is a wide selection of colours is brilliant.
Nicole Chin-Den-Coy
Feb 5, 2016

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