Ear Stretching Jewellery

Ear Stretching Jewellery

Ear Stretching Jewellery - Flesh Tunnels Tubes - Flesh Plugs

Take a look at our extensive selection of ear stretching jewellery including earlobe expanders, flesh tunnels and tubes and Icon flesh plugs.

Ear stretching is the means of gradually enlarging the standard piercing hole initially created with a traditional ear piercing. The hole is enlarged by gentley stretching the tissue causing micro tears to occur. The newly created hole is kept open while the micro tears are allowed to completely heal. Once they are healed the process can be repeated again until you reach your required size.

Please consider that your stretching once you reach around the 6mm (2g) may not ever return to its original size once the jewellery is removed.

The golden rule of ear stretching is to take you time and only stretch to the next size jewellery once you previous expansion is fully healed.

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