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Spare Parts & Balls

Replacement Parts for Body Piercing Jewellery

If you have lost your top ball or just looking for a new spike, cone or jewelled end for your belly bar, barbell or labret then check out this section for a range of screw on or clip in attachments. We stock spare parts and componenets for the popular body piercing jewellery sizes of 16g (1.2mm) and 14g (1.6mm)


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I've got a few of these with different colours of jewels! I love them so much! I use them for my monroe piercing. Other studs usually stick out a lot and it looks awful! But these studs don't! The jewel bit is just 2mm so it looks really nice and cute! And because it's Bioplast it is super comfy! Defintely my favourite bit of jewellery for my monroe =D
Joanne MacLeod
Jul 3, 2013

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