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Fake Nipple Piercings

Fake Nipple Rings and Clip On Nipple Shields

Non piercing nipple jewellery. Nipple charms and fake nipple jewelry. Get the pierced nipple look without the pain with these nipple clips



First of all, really quick delivery! I cannot recommend Bioplast highly enough. I got an 8mm CBB for my septum piercing because it was quite angry and I heard that Bioplast was good for healing piercings quickly. When it arrived, I put it in straight away and a couple of days later my piercing was completely pain-free! Another thing as well, if you experience a lot of crusting around your piercing making it difficult to move the bar around, you won't get this with Bioplast. I still get the crust in my piercing, but the bar never sticks and I can always move it around freely. Get this ring, seriously, it's amazing!
Sep 23, 2014

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