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Bioplast Body Jewellery

Bioplast Body Jewellery

Bioplast Body Piercing Products

Bioplast is a biocompatible material which is safe for body piercing.
Bioplast is flexible making it extremely comfortable
There is NO NICKEL in Bioplast so no allergic reactions
People that get pierced with Bioplast get less swelling and infections than other materials The healing process with Bioplast is faster than with other materials
Bioplast can be cut to any length and rethreaded with any metal ball closure
Bioplast can be steralised by autoclave.
Bioplast is very competitvely priced and is available in a range of colours
Bioplast bars can be combined with hundreds of combinations of attachments
Bioplast is ideal for initial piercings.
You simply cut it to size with either a sharp knife or scissors, remembering to allow 2mm either end for the attachments to screw on (eg for a 10mm length cut a 14mm length). You can always trim more off but you can't put it back! The attachments will simply thread onto the Bioplast shaft and you are ready to go.
Bioplast is very versatile and providing that the Gauge of your attachments are the same as the Bioplast bar they will easily screw on.

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