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Fake Body Jewellery

Fake Non Piercing Body Jewellery

Our range on non piercing fake body jewellery. Everything from clip on fake belly button rings to nipple clips and fake ear stretching plugs

Our range of clip on, non piercing navel belly rings are the best on the market. Don't waste your money on those that require you to glue the jewel into your belly button, or those that are simply cheap spring loaded earrings. Our fake body piercing jewelry uses a worldwide patented spring closure system that was tested for a number of years before being released. Set with genuine Swarovski crystals our jewelry fake piercing rings are sure to get you noticed. We also have a selection of them available with a 22ct Gold plated finish for that extra special look.

Our non piercing nipple jewelry also includes the famous Nipple Huggers and Nipple Loops as well as our intricate fake nipple shields and rings.

Looking for the stretched ear look without the stretching? - well we have that covered too with a range of fake ear stretching flesh plugs, flesh tunnels and tapers that fit a standard ear piercing.

Fake Belly Rings Non Piercing Navel Belly Bars


The bioflex is wonderfully light and comfortable to wear, also the labret stem is smooth , so it is very easy to put in. I have the clear stud to wear in work, and it really is only visible at close range. It is a great retainer - I think the only thing that would make it more discreet would be the stud having a clear but frosted finish to it , as I think this would make it practically invisible.Overall I definitely recommend this jewellery.
katy tanner
Apr 7, 2014

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