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Labret Studs - Monroes

Labret Studs - Facial Piercing Monroe Jewellery

A range of body piercing labret studs used for monroe type facial piercings. We stock both 16g and 16 labret bars with internal and external threading options in both steel and Titanium. Labrets are a very popular piece of body piercing jewellery hence the vast choice of sizes and designs. We also supply Black and Gold PVD coated Titanium labret studs with jewel balls.


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I found the spiral looked great, was big and substantial, but I couldn't put enough of it through in one go to stop it falling out. I couldn't sleep with it in like I can with a 'carrot' style taper. I never had a problem with the carrot ones, all the way to 6mm using them, I've now ordered the 8mm taper with screw on tunnel. http://www.jobananas.com/surgical-steel-screw-tunnel-and-taper-ear-stretching-kit.html I think the taper with the tunnel will be great, as I also find it difficult to get the flared plugs in at 6mm, so this solves the problem.
Mark Vaughan
Jan 15, 2015

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