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Clip-in Parts

Replacement Clip In Balls For BCR Rings

A selection of dimple balls used in ball closure rings. These replacement clip in balls can be used to replace a lost item or just used to upgrade from a plain to a jewelled ball.



very pleased with the delivery time, 3 days after ordering the BCR's i was inserting the first one in my reverse prince albert. The RPA had been pierced at 2.4 mm and am now stretching to (hopefully) 16 or 18 mm in st/steel, The 3 BCR's just purchased are 3.2,4.00 &5.00mm all 22mm diameter. A bit of a tight fit as the piercing is down the euretha and up through the shaft, just missing the glans! The look is fantastic, a 7 inch erection without even touching!!! Looking foreward to the next stretch in about 6 weeks. I have had jewelery from jobananas in the past and neverhad a problem. I would recomend to anyone, quality is very good. Happy piercings, ian.
ian jones
Aug 30, 2013

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