Clip on Belly Ring Frequently Asked Questions Watch the demo video below!

How to fit a clip on belly ring from JoBananas:

1) Hold the FRONT of the jewellery and carefully pull the REAR arm back

2) Hold the clip open taking care not to overwiden the jewellery

3) Place Rear arm UP and into the back of the navel

4) Position the jewellery, release and adjust

5) When applied correctly the jewellery will remain in place

Q. Does wearing a Clip hurt?
A. Once the clip has been positioned onto the navel correctly and adjusted slightly to hang straight, the clip will not hurt. If the clip is not fitted correctly and is not placed high up enough into the belly button, a slight pinching sensation may be felt. If this happens, remove the clip by opening using both hands and reposition correctly.

Q. Do they stay on?
A. Yes. When positioned properly the Clip will stay in place until removed. Bearing in mind that the clips are designed for occasional wear and not for permanent use. They are perfect for wearing to a nightclub or when out dancing, on holiday etc. They are also perfect for wearing as an accessory on the beach or by the pool BUT ARE NOT DESIGNED TO STAY ON IN WATER.

Q. Do they fit all shapes of belly button?
A. The vast majority of people that have tried a Clip on have had no problems. For those people with a belly button that sticks out and not in or is excessively shallow unfortunately the clip is not suitable. Some of our customers have had tummy tucks and highly recomend our product range.

Q. Do they really replicate the pierced look?
A. Yes. They are great fun for fooling people that you have really had your belly button pierced and keeping them guessing.

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