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Gold PVD Titanium Curved Barbell with Cones - 1.2mm (16 Gauge)

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Product Code: JBP-MCB-GPVD-C

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1.2mm (16 Gauge) Gold PVD Coated Titanium Curved Barbell with Cones
Material: Gold PVD Titanium
Gauge: 1.2mm (16 Gauge)
Diameter: 6, 8, 10, 12mm
Cone Size: 4mm

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This is a curved barbell, sometimes referred to as a Banana Bar because of its shape, it has had a Hypoallergenic Gold PVD Coating applied over the Titanium to make it biocompatible meaning that it is comfortable to wear in piercings.  The Gold finish is smooth and shiny and looks amazing, it is suitable for many different body piercings including eyebrow and ear piercings such as, helix, rook, daith and snug.
It is 1.2mm (16 Gauge) in thickness with a choice of lengths - 6mm (1/4"), 8mm (5/16"), 10mm (3/8") or 12mm (1/2"), if you are unsure which length you need please refer to our Measuring Guide for help.  The cones have a 4mm base and they both screw onto the externally threaded barbell meaning both ends are removable.

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