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Nipple Huggers

Nipple Huggers

Nipple Huggers Non Piercing Nipple Jewellery

Fake nipple jewellery for people that do not have piercings.

Nipple Huggers are very popular, they will make you feel very sexy and get your libido soaring!
The hugger is made up of ten small loops that fit around the base of the nipple making the wearer very horny! The nipples become hard and erect and you will want more, more, more...

Ideally huggers fit best on a nipple that is at least 3mm (1/8 inch) tall when it is hard, if your nipple is smaller than this nipple huggers may not be suitable for you and you may find that our alternative fake nipple jewelery is better suited to you.

You may find that using an ice cube on the nipple will make it hard and erect quickly and ease putting the jewellery on, although this is not necessary - you can come up with your own ideas on how to achieve that!

Step 1 Open the Hugger and gently stretch it out;
Step 2/3 Put the Hugger over the nipple;
Step 4/5 Hook the right coil over top of the left and it will slide together like a hook and eye.
Step 6 Shows how the jewellery should look
New nipple huggers will need to be shaped to your breast. Taking care gently pull the nipple through the centre of the hugger and press down firmly on the petals until they take on the curve of your breast, making sure the hugger is still gripping the nipple.

If you find that the hugger is not gripping enough, take the outer point of the petals two by two and pinch them together a little, all the way around until you get the tension is just right.
You will find that when fitted properly you will be filled with sexual desire.

When removing the huggers you just need to loosen the loops, or unhook them. Take care not to just pull the huggers off as that may hurt and could break the jewellery itself too.

Pair Nipple Huggers - Tri Lacey Red White & Blue
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Pair Nipple Huggers - Tri Lacey Pink
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Price: $USD21.72

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