No Pull Piercing Disc

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No Pull Piercing Disc - Alternative product

No Pull Piercing Disc
Suitable for gauges 1mm (18g), 1.2mm (16g), 1.6mm (14g) and 2mm (12g)
Made from 7mm medical grade silicone.
Designed for oral and facial piercings.
**Single disc supplied only - barbell for illustration only.**

lies between the inside of the piercing and the flat back of the jewellry.
The NoPull Piercing Discâ„¢ is a comfortable barrier, which keeps the jewellry
backing from causing irritation, additional swelling, or becoming
imbedded in the piercing. Piercings heal safely, quickly,
without discomfort, and without anxiety!
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5 Most Useful Customer Reviews

Cathleen Cathleen

Amazing! Had a scar on my forward helix that I thought would never go away. I have worn the disc for just over two weeks and it has completely gone!

I cut the disc to the centre so that I can slip it on and off for cleaning as my piercing is still healing, the disk stayed in place and I had no worries about it falling off, so I would suggest doing this if your piercing is not fully healed.
So impressed with this and would recommend it to anyone!
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Toni Hanson Toni Hanson Verified Purchase

So far so good! I had a little hypertrophic scarring on my helix piercing (the dreaded "bump") and after a week I can definitely see an improvement. Great price and speedy delivery too!
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Maisie Maisie Verified Purchase

Wow. Amazing product. At first I was sceptical but these discs eliminated my huge bump on my tragus piercing. Thankyou!!

Advantages: The product worked. Easy to apply.
Disadvantages: Small and fiddly to do alone
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Anna Anna Verified Purchase

This product really impressed me! I had a horrible bump on my cartilage piercing after using the wrong size stud. After buying a thinner titanium barbell and the No Pull Piercing Disc from JoBananas, the lump reduced significantly after a couple of weeks wear. I still have it on and have only removed for cleaning but it has healed up really well. Would recommend the disc for anyone with piercing bumps.
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Anna Anna Verified Purchase

so so happy with this! after trying just about everything for the keloid on my conch, i was very sceptical about this but decided to try it after reading all the amazing reviews. the keloid i had wasn't absolutely massive, but it was becoming more and more noticeable and was an insecurity of mine.

after a few hours of wearing a disc on each side of my piercing i'd already noticed a difference! other reviews had said it took around a week or 2 for their bumps to completely go, which I was happy waiting for - but mine had vanished after 2 days!

after spending a load of money on different oils and solutions to tame my keloid, i wish i'd tried this sooner! postage was really fast too - overall had a fab experience with this shop!

if your piercing isn't healed so you can't remove your jewellery to put this disc around your piercing's bar - make a cut from one side into the middle so you can easily slot it on and off.

if your piercing is not healed and is still in need of cleaning - make sure you take this off at least once a day to clean your piercing and the disc just to avoid any gunk from within your piercing building up.

even after my keloid has gone i'm still wearing mine until my piercing has fully healed as i've noticed that it stops my hair from snagging on it and stops the piercing from moving about so much during the healing process (as well as stopping me from playing with it for the time being!)

Advantages: WORKS SO WELL - fast, simple, low maintenance
STAYS ON - can wear in the shower, to bed, and everyday life with no hassle or worry about it falling off
DISCRETE - you can barely see it when its on as it just blends into the skin, i forget its on because i can't feel it either!
GREAT PRICE - so cheap, so why not give it a go?
Disadvantages: FIDDLY - very small so can be tricky to put on for the first few times, because of all this it may feel slightly uncomfortable which only continues for about 4 or 5 minutes. after that you won't feel a thing!
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