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Steel Twister Spiral & Balls - 1mm (18G)

Price: $USD4.68

Product Code: JB-S-1-SP


1mm (18G) 316L Surgical Steel
Diameter - 8mm (5/16")
Ball size - 2mm
Both ends are removable
Suitable for healed piercings only

Share Steel Twister Spiral & Balls - 1mm (18G)

These tiny steel spirals are 1mm or 18g in thickness with an 8mm (5/16") internal diameter and 2mm balls.
If you have an 18 gauge piercing that you don't want to stretch to accommodate the larger jewellery this now gives you an alternative.
We also sell these twisters in 1.2mm 16 gauge and 1.6mm 14 gauge.
Spiral twister jewelry is popular in eyebrow piercings, pierced noses and also ear piercings.

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