Nipple Jewellery

Nipple Jewellery

Nipple Piercing Jewellery

Nipple jewellery in the form of nipple shields and barbells. Many unusual designs both in 925 Silver and steel. Nipple bars and rings for nipple piercings. Nipple jewellery is typically 1.6mm or 14 gauge.

Nipple Rings

Jobananas stock a vast range of nipple rings and bar closure rings that are available in Titanium, steel or Bioplast. These can be supplied with either a plain or jewelled ball that is held in place with dimples at each side. Although these rings are quite plain a combination of colours or anodised Titanium with a colourful jewel can really look quite effective. Nipple rings are round and are held in place by a ball, we also sell D Rings for nipple piercings that are similar to a ring but have a flat section at the top.

Nipple Bars - Nipple Barbells

These barbels are straight and normally have balls at each end that can be removed. Again these can be made from a variety of materials including Titanium, Steel Bioplast and Bioflex. A large range of colours are available in Titanium and Bioplast as well as Gold Plated Steel and Gold and Black PVD. As well as standard ball ends many of the nipple bars we sell have jewelled ends or even cast steel ends such as birds, animals, hearts or stars.

Nipple Shields

Nipple shields can be very decorative and extravagant and many of our designs are heavily jewelled and ornate. Typically a nipple shield surrounds the nipple and is held in place by a barbell passing through the piecings and attaching to the shield or the shield is held behind the barbell. We also sell a range of novelty shields with a selection of themes, pictures and slogans.

Nipple Clickers

Nipple clickers are the latest trend in nipple piercing jewellery and are a natural progression to the popular septum clicker but in a larger gauge. Similar to a nipple shield the nipple clickers has a decorative lower semi circle or pattern and a top hinged bar that snaps shut once in the piercing. Nipple piercing clickers are really easy to change with no fiddly balls to thread and are securely held in place once the clasp is closed.

Non Piercing Nipple Jewellery - Faux Nipple Rings

If you fancy the pierced nipple look but are too scared the procedure will hurt then why not try one of our fake nipple rings. They look just like a regular piece of nipple jewellery but instead uses prongs that are closed around the nipple to hold it in place.

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