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Competitively Priced Body Piercing Jewellery With Friendly Service and Fast Shipping.

JoBananas have been selling body jewellery online in the UK and worldwide since 2001. Our range of body piercing supplies covers all materials such as Titanium, Surgical Steel, Black PVD, Bioplast, BioFlex, Wood and Bone. We cover all the popular body piercing jewellery ranges from Belly Bars, Tongue Bars, Nose Rings through to a great selection of Ear Stretching Jewellery inc Flesh Tunnels and Flesh Plugs. We also have a great collection of Tapers, Claws and Stretchers in many materials and designs. Bioplast and BioFlex labret studs and clear piercing retainers and hiders are also available for wear at work, school or for medical examinations.

All of our body jewellery is in stock and we aim to despatch your order either the same or next business day. JoBananas Body Jewellery anodises (Titanium Colouring Process) and Gold Plate all of our jewellery in house. We have a unique range of Gold Plated Body Jewellery.

We offer FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY / SHIPPING on all orders over £10

For upper ear cartilage piercings we have Tragus Bars and Tragus Studs in plain or jewelled finish.

The latest trend is in Septum Piercing. JoBananas have Hinged Septum Clickers and Hinged Segment Rings in plain steel, Titanium and Gold Plate.

Huge choice of decorative nipple rings and nipple bars, labret studs and fashionable navel or belly button rings.

If you need more information about body piercing and what types of piercings are available and what piercing jewellery fits them, then take time to check out our piercing guides for more detailed information. Also check out the Piercing Aftercare section on how to look after your new body piercing.

  • New Arrivals

  • Daith Heart with Steel Snake

    Daith Heart with Steel Snake

    1.2mm (16g) Heart for Daith Piercing
    316L Surgical Steel
    10mm (3/8") internal diameter
    Coiled Snake Effect
    Can be worn in left or right ear

    This is a super looking Daith Heart ring with a snake coiled around the heart. The ring can be gently prised open to allow fitting and then gently closed once in place. This ring has a plain steel finish but is also available with a Rose Gold finish if required.
  • Daith Heart with Rose Gold Snake

    Daith Heart with Rose Gold Snake

    1.2mm (16g) Heart for Daith Piercing
    316L Surgical Steel Rose Gold Plated
    10mm (3/8") internal diameter
    Coiled Snake Effect
    Can be worn in left or right ear

    This is a super looking Daith Heart ring with a snake coiled around the heart. The ring can be gently prised open to allow fitting and then gently closed once in place. The Rose Gold plated finish really makes this piece stand out.
  • Daith Heart with Rose Gold Dragon

    Daith Heart with Rose Gold Dragon

    This Rose Gold Heart with a decorative Dragon on one side looks very effective in a Daith Piercing but it can also be worn in other Ear Piercings such as Tragus, Helix or Rook.
    The part that passes through the piercing measures 1.2mm (16 Gauge) in thickness and the internal measurement of the whole piece at the widest part is 10mm (3/8").
    Dragons are legendary creatures that are always popular in Body Jewellery designs as they have a mythical status that fascinates young and old alike, we think that this one looks stunning in Rose Gold and even more amazing when worn in a piercing as it somehow comes to life!

  • Rose Gold Cast Steel Heart Ring

    Rose Gold Cast Steel Heart Ring

    Look fab in ear piercings including Helix, Rim and Daith Piercings
    This is a cast steel piece that has been plated in a lovely Rose Gold colour
    Carefully Twist ends sideways in order to open and close the ring.
    The ring at the widest point is 10mm and has a gauge of 1.2mm or 16g
  • Black PVD Square Gem Hinged Segment Ring

    Black PVD Square Gem Hinged Segment Ring

    This stunning Black PVD Segment Ring features a 5mm square clear gem with 2 smaller 2mm circle gems either side which give it a modern look.
    The top is hinged so that it can be easily fitted into your piercing and the segment can be snapped closed once it is in place. Much easier than a standard segment ring.
    The ring is 1.2mm (16 Gauge) thick and has an 8mm (5/16") diameter making it perfect for septum piercings or ear piercings such as daith, helix or tragus piercings.
  • Titanium Screw Tunnel for Stretched Ear

    Titanium Screw Tunnel for Stretched Ear

    Titanium Screw Tunnel
    Material: Grade 23 Titanium (6AL-4V-Eli)
    Sold individually (please buy 2 if you need a pair)
    Highly polished or anodised finish
    Suitable for initial and healed piercings

    These Grade 23 Titanium Screw Sets are great to wear in stretched lobes, they screw apart and so are easy to fit in the piercing and because they are Titanium they are light weight and comfortable and can be worn in recent stretches as well as established.

    They are available in the following gauges:
    1.6mm (14 Gauge)
    2mm (12 Gauge)
    2.4mm (10 Gauge)
    3.2mm (8g)
    4mm (6g)
    5mm (4g)
    6mm (2g)
    8mm (0g)
    10mm (00g)
    12mm (1/2")
    14mm (9/16")
    16mm (5/8")
    18mm (11/16")
    20mm (13/16")

    These tunnels arrive here in standard Highly Polished Titanium so you can choose to buy them like that (in the silver colour), or we can colour them to order based on your specific requirements in any of the Titanium colours that we offer including, Bronze, Brown, Blue, Ice Blue, Yellow, Peach, Pink, Purple, 2 Tone Purple Blue, Teal, Green or even Rainbow.
    They really do look very effective in stretched lobes.
    Please note that we do sell them individually since some people only have 1 stretched ear lobe, whilst others have 2 lobes at different sizes, so if you would like a pair you would need to buy 2.
  • Pearl Micro Circular Barbell CBB

    Pearl Micro Circular Barbell CBB

    Steel Circular Barbell with Pearl Balls
    Material: 316L Surgical Steel
    Gauge: 1.2mm (16 gauge)
    Diameter: 10mm (3/8")
    Synthetic Pearl Balls
    Both ends removable.

    Another great piece suitable for many piercing placements such as ear or Septum. The synthetic pearl balls are held in a cast steel setting and both balls can be removed for fitting.
  • Pave Gem Hinged Micro Ring

    Pave Gem Hinged Micro Ring

    Pave Gem Hinged Micro Ring
    1.2mm (16 gauge)
    316L Surgical Steel
    Swarovski Jewels
    Inside diameter 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10mm

    An easy to fit piece of micro jewellery that has an easy close hinged section. Lovely Pave set jewels make this a great item for many placements including Septum and ear piercings. Gem colours available are Clear, Sapphire, Light Siam, Aqua and Rose Pink. A very stylish segment ring that looks stunning when worn.
  • Opal Set Ball Labret Stud - 1.2mm (16 Gauge)

    Opal Set Ball Labret Stud - 1.2mm (16 Gauge)

    This is a316L Surgical Steel Labret stud for 1.2mm (16 gauge) piercings such as lip, monroe or pierced ears. It comes with a stunning synthetic Opal ball set into the steel.
    They are available in either 8mm or 10mm so please make sure that you order the correct size for your piercing. (See our measuring guide for help)
    These opal labret studs look stunning in lots of different piercings and are bound to get comments from people about how pretty they are.