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Body jewellery and belly bars by JoBananas. We stock a large and varied range of body piercing jewellery made from steel, Titanium, Gold, PTFE, Bioplast and BioFlex. Online shopping for body piercing supplies could not be easier, we stock belly bars, belly rings, eyebrow bars, nose studs, nipple rings, tongue bars and ear stretching plugs. UK manufactured 6AL-4V ELi Titanium body jewellery in anodised (coloured) and plain polished finish. Large guage flesh tunnels and barbells for larger piercings and stretchings are also available.

We have a great range of belly button rings for pierced and non pierced belly buttons. Our Clipon Faux Belly Button Rings look like real piercings and can easy fool someone that you have a belly ring. We offer one of the largest ranges of anodised Titanium Body Jewellery. All colouring is done by ourselves in house and we can supply items in 16 colours.

We have just added a great range of 1mm (18g) Titanium Labret studs in a variety of lengths and colours. Now stocking the NoPull Piercing range of medical grade silicone discs to prevent oral and facial piercings from pulling through and irritating the piercing.

Simply browse from the piercing jewelry categories on the right menu to find the item you are looking for or try our detailed product search.

We have some of the most exciting and unusual belly bars in a variety of sizes and materials.

Have a browse of our ear stretching tapers, Ear stretching flesh plugs and flesh tunnels while you are here.

Our tongue bars and tongue studs are avilable in a large range of styles and shaft lengths.

We carry a vast range of Bioplast products with a great range of choice in Bioplast nose studs and Bioplast labrets. Bioplast is availlable in a choice of colours, sizes and gauges for facial piercings and nose piercings.

JoBananas also stock a great selection of non piercing, fake navel belly rings, belly bars and nipple jewellery. These are ideal if you do not fancy a traditional body piercing and would rather opt for a clip on or fake solution. A clear winner as there is no piercing aftercare or need to fear the piercers needle. Clipon belly rings no longer have to be plain and boring.

Screwbidoo is a Titanium body jewellery piercing system that is exclusive to us in the UK. It is unique in that the Titanium belly bar remains in the belly piercing but the look and design can be changed by adding one of the vast selection of charms and silver ends without removing it We carry many lines of body jewelry for specialised piercings.

Check out our ear stretching section for unusual flesh tunnels, tubes and plugs as well as our range of industrial ear scaffold bars.

We have an extensive selection of facial labrets and nose studs too. Also take a look at our tongue studs and eyebrow bars available in surgical steel, anodised Titanium and Black and Gold PVD coatings.

If you are pregnant and looking for information on what will happen to your belly button piercing during pregnancy be sure to checkout our pregnancy body piercing page. We have a great choice of Pregnancy belly bars and pregnancy retainers made from PTFE, Bioplast and BioFlex. A pregnancy retainer should be comfortable, flexible and have enough length to expand with your navel piercing.

We recently added a great range of high quality Titanium body piercing jewellery manufactured in the UK, our Titanium belly bars are available in sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14mm shaft lengths.

JoBananas also have a great range of flesh plugs and flesh tunnels in Steel, Titanium, Acrylic, wood, horn and bone materials. Looking for surface piercing bars?

Checkout our range of Titanium surface piercing barbells in a range of colours, gauges and sizes. Even more choice of our ever popular non piercing nipple rings Nipple Huggers have been added. These are just a few of the new styles that are now available to our large non piercing fake jewelry range.

We now stock a great range of Tattoo Sleeves made from nylon and designed to fit on male and female arms to give that full inked sleeve look. Checkout our extensive range of Tattoo Sleeves.

Body Jewellery, Belly Bars and Ear Stretching by JoBananas

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