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Competitively Priced Body Piercing Jewellery With Friendly Service and Fast Shipping.

JoBananas have been selling body jewellery online in the UK and worldwide since 2001. Our range of body piercing supplies covers all materials such as Titanium, Surgical Steel, Black PVD, Bioplast, BioFlex, Wood and Bone. We cover all the popular body piercing jewellery ranges from Belly Bars, Tongue Bars, Nose Rings through to a great selection of Ear Stretching Jewellery inc Flesh Tunnels and Flesh Plugs. We also have a great collection of Tapers, Claws and Stretchers in many materials and designs. Bioplast and BioFlex labret studs and clear piercing retainers and hiders are also available for wear at work, school or for medical examinations.

We stock a huge range of Rose Gold Body Jewellery - Check out our 18k Rose Gold Plated body piercing jewellery

All of our body jewellery is in stock and we aim to despatch your order either the same or next business day. JoBananas Body Jewellery anodises (Titanium Colouring Process) and Gold Plate all of our jewellery in house. We have a unique range of Gold Plated Body Jewellery.

We offer WORLDWIDE DELIVERY / SHIPPING on all orders

For upper ear cartilage piercings we have Tragus Bars and Tragus Studs in plain or jewelled finish.

The latest trend is in Septum Piercing. JoBananas have Hinged Septum Clickers and Hinged Segment Rings in plain steel, Titanium and Gold Plate.

Huge choice of decorative nipple rings and nipple bars, labret studs and fashionable navel or belly button rings.

JoBananas stock the latest trends in piercings such as Septum Clickers and Nipple Clickers and internally threaded micro piercing jewellery.

If you need more information about body piercing and what types of piercings are available and what piercing jewellery fits them, then take time to check out our piercing guides for more detailed information. Also check out the Piercing Aftercare section on how to look after your new body piercing.

Body Piercing Jewellery

latest body piercing items added to JoBananas
Build your own body piercing jewellery
non piercing clip on belly rings and fake nipple piercing rings Nipple Huggers
Titanium internally threaded jewellery
Titanium threadless threaded jewellery
large gauge jewellery barbells circulars heavy gauge piercings
belly bars navel belly button rings jewellery
ear stretching flesh tunnels flesh plugs expander tapers ear lobe jewellery
spare balls spikes cones tops for body jewellery spare parts and shafts
body piercing retainers hide it piercing jewellery clear how to hide your piercings
ball closure rings BCR captive bead rings
straight body piercing barbells
jewellery for a pierced nose - nose studs nose rings
eyebrow piercing bars eyebrow jewellery
tongue bars tongue studs for tongue piercings
labret studs monroe facial piercing jewellery
nipple bars nipple shields nipple rings
male genital PA prince albert piercing bars
industrial ear scaffold piercing jewellery - ear scaffold bars
tragus studs upper ear piercing jewelry
skin surface piercing barbells - 90 degree barbells for neck piercings
Titanium circular barbells CBB
bar closure rings - flat side piercing rings
seamless smooth circular segment rings
body spirals and body twisters in steel, Black PVD and Titanium, with balls cones and spikes
bioplast body piercing jewellery
BioFlex bodypiercing items - Bioflex jewellery
easypiercing body piercing aftercare products

The latest body piercing jewellery added to the JoBananas website. We are constantly adding new products to our range so check back often to see them. Our new ranges include Internally threaded body jewellery suitable for all types of piercings, Helix and Daith ear jewellery and large gauge items for stretched piercings. We also carry an extensive selection of Bioplast and Bioflex jewellery which is suitable for hiding your piercings for work, school or college. JoBananas are competitive on price, provide outstanding customer service with quick delivery times.

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